How to start trading

Online securities trading is becoming a more favored form of investing. The program allows for immediate control over your funds and if needed in a matter of seconds you can buy or sell stocks and other securities.

What you have with us free

  • Access to the Czech market BCPP and RM-SYSTÉM
  • Access to American and German markets
  • Investment Smartbroker application for phones and tablets
  • Investment e-Broker applications for PC or notebook
  • Demo version e-Broker and Smartbroker
  • News of markets and stock rates
  • Educational seminars on investing
  • Access to the stock market is free, you only pay for the instruction (buy / sell)

Calculate fees for trading

 Five steps to start investing

  1. Select the nearest branch of Fio bank.
  2. Take all necessary documentation to a branch.
  3. Sign the contract and related documentation.
  4. You will receive access to the e-Broker and Smartbroker applications.
  5. Deposit or send funds to your new account and you can start!

At signature you will need

 Regular citizen

  • EU citizen: identification card or passport *
  • Non-EU citizen: passport *
  • Securities depository account number (for trades in the Czech Republic)**
  • Your bank account number
  • RM-SYSTEM registration number (for RMS)**

*) 2 forms of identification can be required for providing specific services

**) if you don't have one we can set up a new account or RMS registration

Corporate customers

  • Identification card(s) for the people (persons) permitted to sign contracts in the name of the company pursuant to the Commercial Register excerpt
  • Securities Depository account number (for trades in the Czech Republic)
  • Power attorney agreement for any representatives
  • Company bank account number
  • Original or certified excerpt from the Commercial Register not older than 6 months

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Keep track of your investments wherever and whenever.

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