Deposit accounts in foreign currencies

In addition to deposits in EUR offered Fio banka clients and the possibility of recovery of funds in CZK and USD . There are deposit accounts in CZK and USD and Fio account in CZK .

Savings Account Fio account in CZK

Savings Account , which combines a high interest rate with immediate availability of funds.

Term deposit with the recovery in the CZK/USD

Term deposits offer higher appreciation for the price of fixed-term deposits at a predetermined time . When deposit account with a fixed term with regular renewal occurs automatic renewal of deposit for conditions existing at the date of renewal , if the depositor wants to cancel the account . Raising deposits and withdrawals can be made only after the date of renewal .

Benefits of term deposits

  • Deposits are insured by law
  • Account maintenance – free
  • Easy operation through internet

How to open a term deposit

If you are a client Fio and have an active online banking to e-Government accounts, you can term deposit base themselves on the Internet . Another option is to visit nearest branches of Fio bank.


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