Fio Konto Savings Account

Fio Konto is a special savings CZK account that has no renewal term and offers better interest rates. As opposed to a standard current account, Fio Konto cannot be used for SIPO payments or direct debit payments while funds can be transferred to a single electronic account, which can be selected electronically.

What you have free of charge with Fio Konto in EUR

  • Account management with Internetbanking
  • Internetbanking a Smartbanking
  • Slovak and eurozone debits and credits in EUR
  • Czech and Slovak credits and debits
  • Standing orders
  • Deposit insurance
  • Cash deposits at branches
  • Cash withdrawals and deposits at branches (above EUR 50)

How to open a Fio Konto

Visit the nearest branches of Fio bank  and become a Fio banka client.

Manage your account from your mobile.

Download the free app Smartbanking!