e-Broker application

e-Broker is a unique tool for online stock trading. The use of this internet application is free and allows you to quickly and easily trade on Czech (BCPP, RM-SYSTÉM), American, German stock markets in real time.

What does e-Broker do

  • Buy or sell securities
  • Portfolio creation - create a virtual portfolio of monitored securities
  • Available inteligent orders on Czech and foreign markets
  • Analysis and broker news updates
  • Technical analysis
  • Fundamentals analysis
  • Search for investment opportunities
  • Individual settings for all pages to match your needs
  • Protective electronic care
  • Best options for security
  • Settings for confirming orders using SMS codes
  • Filters

How to get e-Broker for free

Visit the nearest branch of Fio bank and become a client.

Open a free demo e-Broker for 30 days and try to invest.

Keep track of your investments wherever and whenever.

Download the free app Smartbroker!